White River Junction VA Medical Center, Vermont


A to Z List of Services

White River Junction VA Medical Center, Vermont offers a variety of health services to meet the needs of our nation's Veterans. Many of our services are listed below; however, you may also view our phone directory or contact us for additional information.


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Service Location Phone
Caregiver Program

Whether you and the Veteran you care for could use some help at home or you just need someone to listen, we're here to support you.
White River Junction VAMC
802-295-9363 Ext. 5364
802-295-9363 Ext. 5724
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Homeless Veterans

If you are a Veteran who has lost your home, receive the support you’ve earned to get back on your feet.
White River Junction VAMC
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Mental Health

The mental health service at White River Junction VAMC provides consultation, evaluation, and treatment for a variety of issues that can impact emotional well-being.
Building 8
Check in for Desk 60 is 1st Floor, room 132
802-295-9363 Ext. 5760
866-OUR-VETS Ext. Toll-free
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The White River Junction VA Hospital has an automated prescription refill service by telephone.
White River Junction
802-295-9363 Ext. 5205
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Returning Service Members

VA is ready to provide health care and other medical services to our nation's returning OEF/OIF/OND Servicemembers.
White River Junction VAMC
802-295-9363 Ext. 6250
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Women Veterans

Services available to women Veterans include comprehensive primary care as well as specialty care such as reproductive services and treatment for military sexual trauma.
White River Junction VAMC